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im a backer can i have the badge?

Hi! I will take a look at this over the next couple of days on the forum. We are currently in crunch time trying to get the last few things done before Early Access

thank you very much for the linux support and your hard work

No problem! We know there will still be issues with the Linux build but we will solve them!

i hope the game will come out soon :) i really love the idea of the game  as i can tell there no real problems i am having sept for the exit button the game loves me :)

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paid the $20...can't download anything, always says failed

are you suppose to be getting something playable for the $$?

You should be able to download the backers demo and also you should get a steam key. The steam key will not yet be downloadable but you can download the backers demo from You should have been emailed a link to the download.

I bought this game and it won't allow me to play it

Hi Sdenning81.

The steam version of the game is not out yet, and will be releasing in a couple of months. At the moment you can play the backers demo which you will have been given links to download via can you tell us if you are having trouble playing the backers version?

Hey there, I added this page link and your kickstarter link to my video description. Can't wait to see the full game for sure!

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